About us

RES Invest is an Energy Company active in the energy production from Renewable Sources (wind, photovoltaics, biomass, biogas), Energy Efficiency and Energy Retail and Trading.

Our turn-key services include the design, licensing, financing, construction, operation & maintenance of energy related projects.

We strive to assist our clients establish an efficient energy strategy, approaching each project holistically thanks to our deep knowledge and understanding of the special needs of all phases of projects’ life cycle.

RES Invest is an ESCO registered company to the Greek official registry.

63.012.000kWh Green Energy produced using wind and sun

56.711tn CO2 emissions reduced

Our Values

Provide High
Quality Services

Focusing on client actual needs and optimal project design

Achieve Highest
project performance

Maximizing value to society, citizens, clients, investors


Supporting green energy production, more efficient energy consumption to reduce CO2 emissions

Constantly Develop
our team

To promote innovation in the services we offer

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