Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Services by RESINVEST

Energy consumption and costs play key role in the viability of businesses and organizations. It is now evident that investments in Energy efficiency have particularly quick and high returns.

With our Energy Efficiency services, we design full-range tailor made strategies for our clients that reduce their energy costs making them more profitable and resilient to climate change. 

Our energy efficiency department implements the following methodology aiming to design customized solutions that address the specific energy needs of each project:

1) Identify and benchmark current energy consumption
2) Develop a strategy to maximize energy savings while providing quick returns
3) Implement energy saving interventions also applying the use of renewable energy sources where possible
4) Measure results and evaluate efficiency of recommended solutions 

Our specialized Energy Efficiency services include: 

  • Energy audits by accredited energy inspectors
  • Top quality feasibility studies to identify energy saving potential
  • Selection of state-of-the-art energy saving technologies
  • Optimal project sizing
  • Detailed financial models calculating costs and investment horizon
  • Financing solutions and ESCO services
  • Licensing & legal support
  • Supply and installation of equipment focusing on quality implementation
  • Measurement and verification of energy saving results
  • 24/7 Operation and Maintenance of installed equipment
  • Clients’ staff training

Energy Solutions include:

  • Heating and cooling systems: HVAC – VRVs, heat pumps, AHUs
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Building fabric: thermal insulation, waterproofing, frames, shading
  • Energy Management Systems: BMS, smart meters, energy analytics
  • Power generation & Net Metering: Photovoltaics, Heat and Power Cogeneration
  • Water saving technologies

RESINEST is a Certified Project Developer according to the “Investor Confidence Project”.

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