Development & Licensing

Development & Licensing in RESINVEST

RESINVEST successfully develops renewable energy projects through an efficient, streamlined and cost-effective process.
Our expertise across the full range of development stages enables us to take all necessary actions in order to reduce potential risks, which could lead to long delays and increase cost. Through this process, RESINVEST delivers successful results, even in the most complex and highest demanding projects. 

RESINVEST has a successful track record of Wind, Solar and Biogas plants and currently develops a pipeline of 1 GW self-owned and third party Renewable projects at various development stages.

Implementing a carefully designed strategy, our in-house development team has the experience and capacity to execute: 

  • Thorough technical inspections and evaluation of projects
  • Site assessments and micrositing optimization
  • Land identification and support for execution of lease contracts
  • Selection of wind & PV technologies deploying highest technical standards
  • Energy yield studies using most up-to-date software
  • Environmental studies and permits
  • Analytical grid connection studies, considering grid network status and realistic solutions to secure Binding Interconnection Terms
  • Offtake strategy customization (Auctions, PPAs, etc)
  • Installation licensing
  • Detailed risk & financial assessments (Business Plan)
  • Assistance for debt and equity financing of the project

Our Core Competencies in Licensing & Development

  • Sector Know-how
  • Complex problem solving
  • Excellent relations with local authorities & communities
  • Projects designed with the highest IRR & LCOE 
  • Timely completion


Additional Expertise